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Intelligent Factories

The I2M Platform


Manufacturing Intelligence (MI) systems focus on operational excellence and enable the organization to make decisions based on consistent and relevant information extracted from its production lines.
However, the IM2 Platform goes far beyond performance indicators (KPIs) seen in dashboards. It provides the advanced intelligence and analytics layer required by Industry 4.0 – artificial intelligence and machine learning, processing real-time advanced major algorithms that extract knowledge directly from manufacturing control and automation processes.
These sophisticated algorithms analyze the information obtained applying specific knowledge and simulating the professional reasoning of experts in manufacturing processes.
This incorporates an extra layer of knowledge called PI (Process Intelligence) focused on manufacturing process excellence – management and engineering insights used to increase traceability, productivity, quality and reliability.
Extremely fast and non-intrusive implementation, it can be easily integrated even with today’s hardware – data collection from factory-based digital communication and industrial networks.



Productivity and Quality: the pillars that ensure the I2M Platform delivers consistent ROIC through

total traceability, increased quality and stability, maximized (and predictable) production and reduced costs

Asset Production Management


Supplies and manages the many KPIs relevant for productivity analysis of the production line (OEE included), generating useful information regarding bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement


With constant mathematical analysis, detects operational tendencies and generates predictions for productive objectives


In-house benchmarking between plants, lines, teams and shifts

Assertive Investment

Productivity losses relating to equipment failure, quality, performance, supply logistics and operation are automatically identified and classified by impact and relevance, allowing the many envoved deparments to efficiently direct resources and investment

Production Quality Management


All produced parts are identified by the system, which registers their process parameters and operational conditions

Provides online monitoring as well as Historian (temporal and relational) for critical-to-quality parameters, including process data, operational conditions and the results from quality and compliance tests

Recall Prevention
Periodic simulations identify discrepancies and reduce the scope of parts to be tested and/or discarded

Root causes and other affected parts can be identified with greater precision, dramatically reducing direct and indirect costs of a recall


Product Extensions

Discover how the Platform delivers additional value beyond its core functionalities.

Remote Operations Console

It allows remote operating and monitoring of the production lines, allowing several departments to interact synergistically from inside or outside the plant, optimizing the flow of information and creating an extremely effective view management.

Product Recipe Management

Automatically manages the distribution of set point data even in lines with intense production mix. It has a central repository accessible via the network, protected by login / password and able to maintain the history of changes made.

Manufacturing Policy Management

Automatically performs standardized warning and/or deadlocking of productive processes whenever there are conflicts with quality standards or protocols and production goals defined by management.



Learn how the I2M Platform operates to deliver secure, seamless information on-demand directly from the shop-floor


Keeps up with uninterrupted production schedules without the need for human intervention, maintaining MTBF and uptime above industrial equipments.

Real Time

Works with minimum latency to guarantee that response times are compatible with the scans from PLCs, ensuring the relevant information is always available.


The platform can be hosted either in the client’s private cloud or in our servers, which allows us to serve both clients both with and without cloud infrastructure.



All data from the industrial plant network remains protected and encrypted in the database – as well as digitally signed to ensure its integrity (AEAD).


Highly scalable, the software is capable of controlling from a simple productiono cell to a business unit with hundreads of industrial plants.

Industry 4.0


Discover the Industry 4.0 technologies that allow the I2M Platform to perform

Big Data

Enormes volumes de dados, das mais variadas fontes disponíveis no chão-de-fábrica, são permanentemente monitorados e analisados em tempo real.


Interpretar os dados de forma temporal, relacional ou transacional, gerando insights para otimização: Descriptive Analytics (”o que aconteceu?”), Diagnostic Analytics (”por que aconteceu?”), Predictive Analytics (”o que irá acontecer?”) e Prescriptive Analytics (”como fazer acontecer?”).

Machine Learning

Campo da ciência que concede a computadores a capacidade de aprender mesmo sem serem explicitamente programados. O IM2 se utiliza de tecnologias como matemática aplicada, lógica fuzzy e redes neurais para modelar e entender o comportamento de um determinado processo.


Our Clients

Discrete manufacturing, continuous process or batch production; I2M Platform is perfect for plants with high volume, costs or compliance.

Gestamp Automación

Revenue: €5.8 billion (2012)

Spanish multi-national engineering company, one of leading in the European automotive industry.



Revenue: Undisclosed

Brazilian company specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing flexible packaging in polyethylene. With over 30 years in the market, is considered one of the largest and most efficient organizations in the segment.

Tenneco Inc.

Revenue: $8.6 billion (2016)

$9.3 billion automotive components OEM and an aftermarket ride control and emissions products manufacturer.


Revenue: $104 billion (2016)

World-leading provider of transport solutions, including trucks and buses for heavy transport applications combined with extensive product-related service offering.


Revenue: $34 billion (2017)

Pioneering technology leader in electrification products, robotics and motion, industrial automation and power grids, serving customers in utilities, industry and transport & infrastructure globally.

Global Launch

Hannover Messe 2018








The I2M Platform will be globally launched at our stand (B27, Hall 7) in the Digital Factory sector of Hannover Messe 2018.

With 5.000 exhibitors from 70 countries, and an expected audience of over 200.000 visitors, Hannover Messe is one of the biggest trade fairs in the world.