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Technological Park

Advanced Manufacturing Lab

Inaugurated in 2009, the Technological Park of São José dos Campos has reecived nearly R$ 2 billion in investments – both public and private – since its inception, becoming the largest innovation and entrepreneurship complex in Brazil. “We are a diversified environment, with a strong synergy between companies and science and technology institutions,” said Marco Antonio Raupp, general director of the Park and former Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation (Feb2012 – Mar2014). DataBot works at the frontier of knowledge, incorporating decades of experience in Engineering and IT and intense R&D work applied to the solution of problems with high technological complexity in large industries. We are part of this innovation actively participating in the technological development related to Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing, with several joint initiatives with both the Park and its partners. Among them, we highlight the provision of Software Intelligence for the Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory inaugurated by the Park in 2016. These were significant investments made by the Park in conjunction with the Inter-American Development Bank and the Government of the State of São Paulo.

Venture Capital


DataBot’s first investor, Primatec is a venture capital fund dedicated to investing in innovative companies with great potential for growth and value generation, primarily in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Energy, Sustainability and Creative Economy sectors.

For this purpose, the Fund created the Primatec Network, the most relevant network of incubators and technological parks in Brazil. Members of this network are commited to the success of the Fund, actively envolved in the development of invested companies and able to participate in the Fund’s performance-based results.

Through this network, Primatec has access to over 800 companies based in incubators and technological parks throughout the country. Its rigorous selection process then singles out for investment the most promising amongst them.

Alexi Condor

Chief Executive Officer

Author and CEO of the I2M Platform. Responsible for product strategy, kernel programming, R&D for new technologies and industry 4.0 algorithms. Electronic engineer with 25 years of professional experience entirely dedicated to projects for control and management of industrial complexes of large conglomerates. Specialist in industrial automation, artificial intelligence, mission-critical and real-time algorithms and software. Former senior executive at Philips with managerial and technical responsibilities for key projects (new plants and production lines, US $ 70 millions) under the global board of directors. International experience with projects and technical missions in Brazil, Europe and the United States.