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The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Industry 4.0

The Breakthrough

Industry 4.0 is not a concept; it is an established reality that is already transforming manufacturing.
The degree of improvement and refinement reached in technologies for the management and control of manufacturing processes has come to a point in which it became a consensus that we were facing a technological breakthrough.
Financial feasibility for this revolution lies in the recent advancements that allowed shop-floor to be integrated with the most advanced IT technologies.

Data generated by production controllers (PLCs, PACs, SDCDs, Robots, etc.) during the manufacturing process can be made available to servers through Ethernet network (widely adopted by industrial automation in last decade); as a result, concepts and technologies such as Big Data, Cloud Computing, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can be applied to manufacturing in an economical, transparent and safe manner.

The Hype

First coined in Hannover 2011, the term’s adoption and the technology’s relevance have since grown remarkably: dedicated to Industry 4.0, Hannover Messe 2016 had the presence of Barack Obama to negotiate economical and strategic agreements.
It is a subject of extreme relevance closely followed by leading consultancies worldwide such as Boston Consulting Group and McKinsey & Company.
The scope of Industry 4.0 transcends manufacturing, influencing the way we live and do business – which is why it was the central theme of the World Economic Forum Davos’2016.
Industry 4.0 – a new era and we are proud to be one of the vectors of this change!